45 Henry Street Dulcot Tasmania

Study Tour in Italy and Greece

Last May (2018) I headed with some other mosaic artists to Venice to begin an amazing visit to Italy which ended in Ravenna.  After that I toured with friends to Southern Italy, Greece and Sicily.  I leant new things, revisited sites and found new mosaic sites.  It was the inspiration to my exhibition at Salamanca Arts Centre's Lightbox.  In Aquileia in Northern Italy - there were early examples of Roman "unswept floors".  These also were seen in Sicily.  Ravenna is the home of stunning Byzantine mosaics of Byzantine era Roman Emperors and Empresses.  In the fish markets of Venice and Palermo I saw the wide array of seafood available including sardines, octopus and swordfish.  Fish are such a wonderful subject that can show the limits of how you can use mosaic in both the traditional and contemporary ways. It is also a great way to show off the texture and colours of materials available to mosaic artists.

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