45 Henry Street Dulcot Tasmania

Mosaic artwork - "Road to Palermo" Warm neutrals and vibrant red decor for your home.

A mosaic with a backstory.  In 2018 I travelled to Italy for a study tour and met up with friends later to explore the beauty of Southern Italy.

This mosaic was inspired by our travels in Sicily, we got on the backroads by accident and there were lots of twists and turns.  The twists and turns were rhythmic and to pass the time I started to draw them and this became the basis of this mosaic.

Twists and turns, bumps and physicality of the car motions which you now see echoed in the vibrant reds.  The rusted metal symbolised the industrial waste seen in some parts of the landscape.  The marble and natural stone is the natural landscape of the interior of Sicily.


Marble, smalti, rusted metal, stones, mookaite, polished stone