45 Henry Street Dulcot Tasmania

Mosaic Art - "The Bundi Blue"

This piece took a while to come into being - I found the beautiful blue stone in a city called Bundi  in Rajasthan, India during one of my journeys through this beautiful land. There was a stone and semi precious stone shop in the grounds of the Palace.  I pondered what to do with this beautiful stone for some time.  Then it all came together.  I was pretty excited when it all started to work!

Mosaic featuring a unique blue stone sourced in Rajasthan , marble and gold smalti and regular smalti,  it also has a unique upcycled rusted piece and some mookaite and mudstone.  The mudstone is sourced from the land in the Coal Valley where WinterCreek is based.  Also some glass beads in this one.


Measures 20x20cm