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What to bring to class - FAQ

Hi all,

One of the most common questions I get is what to bring to class.

It may vary a little bit if you are coming to a themed class but in general this is a good start....

  • An apron - we can get a bit messy at times - an apron is a good idea to protect your clothes; or wear work pants and shirt or overalls....
  • If you are a collector like me you probably have some shells, pretty stones or rocks you have found, or maybe some old jewellery or china that might work in your mosaic - bring it along and we can see if it will work in your mosaic.
  • Bring a mask - you will need it to mix glue
  • Bring your sense of fun - yes you can be creative! 🎨🤩🧡💙💙🧡
  • Bring a friend and share the fun!🤩🤩👭- book for two!

Of course bring along some water, tea or coffee, whatever helps you create.

I have tools, glue, bases and other materials for you to try - there are lots of beautiful materials you can use in mosaics.  I have a good stock of the sorts of things you can use.

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